Thursday, January 12

I Don't Blog

Well - I think I can safely say that I no longer blog. Although blogging right now might nullify that argument. Anywho-hey! Sorry to the 3 people that still check my blog. I keep it up only because I have full intentions of getting caught up. Is that even possible at this point? I think so. I plan to do a few posts in the next week - I think.... Here's to hoping!

Wednesday, September 15

3 Little Cousins

What do you do when you have 3 little cousins with nothing to do?
You put together a weekly playgroup!

Friday, September 10

Soccer Season

This soccer season was going to be a busy one. It was Owen's first year playing and after Paige took a year off, she couldn't wait to play again!

This year Paige was on the U9 girls. You can't request friends this year - they pick randomly and this is the first year they keep score. Paige got put on a good team. They called themselves "The Green Hot Chili Peppers." Not exactly the easiest to yell out during a game - but they did just fine on their own. In fact they made it all the way to the play offs and placed 4th. John was the assistant coach and was really into it all. I think the competitiveness was really getting to him ;)

We took a picture the day the Green Hot Chili Peppers played Eliza's team - the Pink Panthers!
We were really nervous about Owen starting. How would he do? Would he run off the field crying? Would he listen to his coach? Owen did surprisingly well. He did have a few fits, but for the most part he loved chasing after the ball and when the kids would trip over each other and fall to the ground Owen thought you were then suppose to wrestle. Oh man!
I think he liked half-time and snack at the end the best!
Here is Owen - chasing down the ball.
We weren't able to make it to team photos - but luckily we caught a picture of the team early on in the season. Look at all these crazy boys!

I have to say - this season was really fun to watch!

Thursday, September 9

Back to School 2010-2011

FINALLY! This was one of those summers.... we didn't go on any vacations and we just hung around home going to the pool and the beach. It was fun, but by the end the kids were at each others throats! I didn't know if we were going to survive the last few weeks.

School mean different things to each of the kids. To Paige it was all about seeing her friends that she didn't get to see ALL summer long and meeting her new teachers. She got team-teachers for the first time. She loves them both and says they are "super nice." She is super excited about the 3rd grade.

(Emma, Lauren, Mason & Paige)
Owen has finally started Kindergarten. All his preschool friends started last year - we decided to hold him back a year (since he has such a late birthday). We are glad he finally made it. I think he's heard so much about Kindergarten he could hardly contain himself. Lucky for us, he got Mrs. Talley (she also had Paige) and she is the best Kindergarten teacher we know! She has been teaching Kindergarten for over 23 years in the SAME class room! WOW!

Our little Brock started preschool this week. He was too shy when we first got there and wouldn't look at the camera for me at all. By the time I came back to pick him up he wanted his picture taken just like everyone else. Such a cute boy! I can't believe he is old enough to go to preschool!

Monday, September 6

Owen Turns 6

Owen was turning 6 just days before school and I had no ideas for a party. My sisters-in-law each rented this blow up water slide and thought it was "SO FUN" for the kids. I thought, "sure that sounds easy and fun..."

Then this monstrosity arrived.... dum.. dum-dum... dum... duuuuummmm!

With ALL these kids ready for a good time.... uh - oh!
Lots of running and jumping! Lots of laughing and screaming! Lot of fun - with only a few minor injuries - yikes! Yes, I almost had a heart attack watching after all these kids.
Nevertheless, Owen had an awesome good time! He loves turning older - he seems to think he is gaining on Paige.
And what would a birthday party be without this girl! Dirty, wet and having a grand ol' time!

Happy Birthday Owen! Next year it's going to me more low-key :)

Thursday, August 19

Scooby-Doo Movie Night

Owen has been asking the last couple weeks to have his friend Londyn over for a movie night to watch Scooby-Doo. We finally set a date and turned the night into a dinner/movie night. The other kids wanted to get involved so we tried our best to make it fun for everyone. We set a small table up in the living room by the window. Who doesn't want a window seat? ;)

We made a menu including some of Londyn's favorite food and even had her favorite music playing when she arrived. Paige was the server for dinner. Brock was in charge of serving snacks for the movie.
Nice right? Although who wouldn't feel a little awkward with three kids staring at you as you eat.
This picture is priceless to me. Brock wanted to be a part of it so bad. His assignment was to serve popcorn and candy during the movie but he stayed close and asked them several times if they like popcorn. Poor guy... maybe we should have a movie night for him too.

After dinner and dessert we took the kids on a "carriage ride" around the neighborhood.
Finally the movie began. John brought home the projector from work to give it a theatre like feel. Brock finally got his turn to serve the popcorn and candy.
Owen said, "this is the best Date Night ever!"

Saturday, August 14

Wild Rivers

If I could only put into words how much fun these kids had! It was the best year yet (out of the 3 years in a row we've gone) ;)

You'd never guess it by this picture - they were counting down the days to go but were not interested in taking a photo when we got there...

Brock and Ezra were nearly inseparable. These two were running all over jumping in the water and riding down the slides.
It was hard to keep up with these kids. Paige was off at the wave pool and on the big kid rides, but I caught them just as they raced out of the tube slides.
Brock loved going down the pink elephant slide.
Pirate cove was a lot of fun. A huge splash pad and a pirate ship to slide off of.
It was rare that I saw Paige at all, like I mentioned she was always going on the bigger rides. I did catch her on a kiddie ride a couple of times.
Owen was CLASSIC. It was impossible to keep up with him. At one point he said, "I wish this could be our home and I would bring all my toys here and we could live here." Nice Owen!
(The best part about this picture: Owen said, "Mom I'm going to go down the slide and give you thumbs up while you take the picture... ok?" Ok Owen!)
John's cousin Tiffany joined us this year. They guys and their cousin.
The guys took the baby girls down the slide for a race. If only Jim would put on a few pounds he might be able to keep up ;)

Even Olive had a great time. She loved the lazy river and the baby swing.

These kids were so worn out by the end of the day.
I'm seriously considering a season pass for next year - best money spent all summer long!

Thursday, August 12

Cousins, Cousins & more Cousins

The past couple weeks we had some cousins come to visit.... SO FUN!

Reilly and Paige playing in the waves.

We had a bonfire at the beach...

Brock and Ryann got along great! Brock said, "I want to marry Ryann." I said, "Oh really? why?" Brock replied, "Because we laugh together... Mom! We don't talk!"
Ryann, Olive and Evan
Owen and Tess are always hugging. A while ago Owen gave her some rings and they decided they would marry - someone needs to tell my kids they can't marry their cousins.

The Love Birds holding hands ;)
We went up to visit Great-Grandma and go for a walk on the HB pier.

Brock, Sophie, Amanda, Owen, Tess, Nikki & Milo

Owen, Tess & Amanda

Nikki, Sophie & Brock

Olive LOVES babies - she just isn't quite sure how to show it. Here she is kissing Penny but within seconds she tries to scratch her eyes out. Yikes! Gotta keep an eye on that Ollie Pop!